Project-based Workshops

The 10th edition of the workshop will take place in Bucharest, Romania between the 28th November and 3rd December 2019.

About the Workshop

You will learn how to incorporate post-production and VFX in your project from the start. We cover all crucial components – from budget and planning to creative and technical aspects. The goal: to end up with the skills necessary to avoid any bottlenecks in planning and budgeting, and to become capable of having eye-level discussions with all parties involved in the post-production of your future films and series.

The workshop also addresses what it takes to deliver a production to the international market.
Subjects include: post-production workflows, schedules, budgets and technical aspects as well as management of creative processes such as sound and VFX. The workshop is conducted in English, and consists of plenary sessions, individual coaching, and group work.

Eligibility & Fees

The 6-day workshop is open for:
• producers with an internationally co-produced feature film, documentary or TV-series in the stage of development, financing or pre-production, and
• post-production supervisors, working independently or with an organization.

Participation fees are €1.600 (excluding 21 % VAT) for producers and €1.300 (excluding 21 % VAT) for post supervisors, which include accommodation and meals but does not include travel costs. Applicants who need financial support and cannot obtain any from their film funds may apply for an APostLab scholarship or travel allowance.

Requested documents

  • Motivation letter
  • Professional resume
  • Portrait picture
  • Project synopsis (producers only)
  • Estimated budget (producers only)
  • Financing plan (producers only)
  • Description of the project’s current stage (producers only)

Want to know more?

For more information about our project-based workshop, read a blog about the Budapest workshop here.

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It is a full immersion into post-production, not so easy to find elsewhere.

Budapest participant

I think it is more beneficial for producers to understand how important Post Supervisor is but also important for post supervisors to feel confident in what they do.

Sardinia participant

I am certainly recommending it to people, starting with my own team because I believe the workshop is a fantastic tool for raising awareness regarding issues that are crucially important for post production work.

Sardinia participant

I think the budget and the scope of the project itself became more realistic during this workshop. It also underlined a few issues and caveats that need to be considered during script stage in order to calculate the post properly.

Budapest participant

I got an understanding of what the consequences of my decisions in shooting will be on the post workflow & budget, hence on the entire film.

Sardinia participant

Call for applications – Bucharest 2019!

Extended Deadline: Mon Oct 14th, 2019

The application deadline is extended to October 14th for our upcoming annual project-based workshop which will take place in Bucharest, Romania between the 28th November and 3rd December 2019.

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