On demand training

Besides the annual workshop, APostLab has developed several post-production training modules that can be offered film professionals, policy makers, financiers, employees of film funds and facility/service companies. Usually these workshops are done in one day.


Recently, we have organised several On Demand training commisioned by the Netherlands Film Fund, the Hungarian Film Fund and the Netherlands Film Academy. The content of every event has been tailor made to its specific audience.


In terms of topics, we keep a close watch on new developments in the industry, and have found that the merits of VFX, now present in every film produced, are often paradoxically overestimated and underbudgetted. We have realized that most producers have a rather vague notion of what VFX really are and how to use them, while at the same time the scripts they develop contain more of them and also filmmakers come to rely more on them.


At this moment APostLab is developing a range of VFX modules to cater to the needs of the industry and allow VFX to become the household tool that we already imagine them to be. 

If you are interested in a tailor made On Demand training by APostLab, please contact us via: info@apostlab.com